Music for Humans

by Sidecar Judy

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'Music for Humans' is the debut of Sidecar Judy's Indie Electro Folk Rock for Human Beings. We subscribe to the ill-advised notion that bands don't have to stay within strict genre borders, so the album includes everything from the folky toe-tapping love song 'Me With You' to the rocker 'Eating Stars' and from the a capella electronica of 'Easier' to the dreamy world fusion of 'Sunflowers.' The music is eclectic, but all shares honest lyrics that you, the human beings of Earth, can relate to.


released December 19, 2015

Cammi Folwell - vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, tambourine, claps and snaps, keyboard intro on Slow Down and that cool electric guitar riff on Sunflowers

Randin Graves - backing vocals, electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, melodica, kalimba, claps and snaps, percussion and drum programming

with Jenn Stevenson - piano and choir of heavenly and earthly delight on Black and White

Recorded and mixed by Randin Graves. Mastered by Paul Abbott at Zen Mastering. Cover includes our logo by Rebecca Cohen, illustrations by Karinna Bunn, motorcycle/sidecar photos by L.J.Filion taken at Legends Motorcycles, Randin with guitar photo by Nima Rezai, and other photos contributed by our beautiful human friends.

words by Cammi Folwell, words and music by Cammi Folwell & Randin Graves, except Black and White, words by Cammi Folwell and Jenn Stevenson, music by Cammi Folwell, Jenn Stevenson & Randin Graves.



all rights reserved


Sidecar Judy Salt Lake City, Utah

Indie Electro Folk Rock act Sidecar Judy was founded in 2015 in Salt Lake City by singer-songwriter Cammi Folwell and composer Randin Graves to bend genres and stir your emotions with unusual musical arrangements and honest songwriting. Their albums 'Music for Humans' and 'More Music for Humans' are out now. And you know what? You're gonna love'em. ... more

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Track Name: Corporate Robot
It’s the slowest walk to work today
because I don’t want to go to work today.
No I don’t, I don’t
want to go to work today.
I don’t want to be a corporate robot
just following commands.
Wanna throw away all my money
and go lay in the sand.

See me sitting at a desk
see me staring at a screen
I’ll be the first to confess that
I don’t like this very much
to close my eyes is my only disguise
from this place
Is it overdramatic?

So I sit with my head on the table,
just waiting for this slow clock to go.
And will I come back tomorrow?
Probably so.
Track Name: Me With You
I get antsy when I can’t sleep.
I can’t stand to be deprived of a dream.
And I’ll pace my steps all day long trying to find the source,
trying to figure out what went wrong.  

And there it goes, another dreamless night.
Another lost chance to see my wishes come true.
And I’ll say goodbye to my only time
to see me with you

To dream is such a simple thing. You close your eyes,
open up your mind. That's all you do.
But things have been getting hard since you went away,
ever since you went away


When I go to sleep tonight, I’m not even gonna try. 

Track Name: Sandy
Sandy likes to go for car rides with her friends. 
She’s so bright, she always gives in.
And we all wanna be her friend 
because she’s been where we’ve been. 

There’s a safe air floating over her head. 
Protecting her ears, they’re just sensitive.
Well then ours are, too, 
cause we wanna be like you, Sandy. 

You’re not Sandy at all
you’re immovable 
no you’re not going anywhere. 

Can I just see black and white? Can I just see black and white? 
Why do thoughts keep flooding my brain? 
Can I just see black and white? Can I just see black and white? 
Why do thoughts keep flooding my brain? 
Oh Sandy, teach me, how to be,  close-minded. 
Oh Sandy, teach me, how to shut an idea down at the start. 
Because my heart keeps tugging me away from what you’re telling me. 
I don’t understand, I thought that you loved me.  

There’s a quiet voice inside my head
that keeps me from closing my ears until I’m dead. 

And I can see the stars! Yeah, I can see colors!
I see the moon, from outside of these covers! 
Oh Sandy can you teach me how not to feel 
because that’s just what you’re asking me to do. 
Track Name: Slow Down
My fingers have been playing for so long.
Ever since, things went wrong. 
And this is the only way I know how to cope
‘cause tired fingers are better then thinking about lost hope.  

‘Cause you made me slow down 
and the notes are so much simpler when you’re around
and how can I possibly write anymore
when I don’t have anybody to write for?

Roses still smell sweet and my head is still spinning 
but I can feel something missing.  


And if you ever come looking for me, you know where I’ll be.

Track Name: Black and White
Black and white, why must you be
constantly inhibiting me?

1st chorus:
Try-y-y to fi-i-i-ight it, I-I-I must Bi-i-i-ite it.
Temptation's near.
The devil's charming sneer.

2nd chorus:
This has happened before.
It’s something that my heart can’t ignore.
Blissful rays of light.
I tried to be strong, but I gave up the fight.

Black and white please go away.
If I partake things will turn gray.

1st chorus
2nd chorus

Now the battle is done,
but giving in is pretty fun.
Satisfaction, satisfying.
Do it again yes I would
‘cause right now I feel pretty good.
Satisfaction, satisfying.

1st chorus
2nd chorus

Black and white, why must you be?
Track Name: Easier
I don’t care what I do today.
No, I don’t care if I ever get paid. 
And I just can’t stand the way they look at me. 
what do they see? 

Would you see me I were just like you? 
Apparently we’re both breathing in toxic fumes. 
And I don’t want anything to do with hurting you.  

Why isn’t this easier? 
Because I am stronger.
I am more forgiving, a lot more loving, 
and I, I don’t want my doubts
to come back to me, 
don’t come back to me.  

Somehow, I’ll find a way to erase all my memories.
Yeah they’ll be casualties along the way to wherever I’m going.  


Eventually, I’ll just get lost.
I’ll be far to tired of running on empty.
I wasn’t made for all of this. 
No, I don’t think I was made for this.  


I’m not going to give up, on myself. 
I’m not going to let you down.
Track Name: Songbirds
The songbirds, they’re all urging me on. 
And I wonder, if they’ll keep on singing when I’m gone. 
I know that they listen as I keep on singing the same sad song. 

And they can hear, what I’ve been feeling inside 
and they worry that I’ve been wasting my time
with too much work, and too little singing with them. 

Rumor is that love’s been getting me down.
Oh but you’re gonna fix it this  time. 

This time I know that I’m not gonna be let down again, 
and the universe she knows that if I had one more broken heart it wouldn’t mend.  

It’s for forever this time. 
It’s for forever this time.
Oh what a joke, what am I trying to do to myself?

But the songbirds, they keep urging me on, 
so I’m gonna keep singing and stop working so hard.

Yeah, I’m gonna keep singing and stop working so hard.    
Track Name: Baked Goods
We grabbed our coats, grabbed our stuff.
we grabbed everything. 
We took the stuff we didn’t want and we put it in the give-away box, 
and I took off my shoes and you grabbed my watch 
and we started off we started running off.

Chorus 1:
Please don’t look at all the things that I’ve done wrong
because I’ve done so much wrong 
and I’m just starting to see what I can do, 
where I can go and who I  can be. 

Honest, is what she said before she died, 
before she went to sleep. 
She said she’d be right back, oh no, 
but none of us bought that. She said,

Chorus 2: 
Please don’t look at all the things that I’ve done wrong
because I’ve done so much wrong 
and I just want to be remembered for all the baked goods
that I gave away. 

oooh wake up, oooh wake up, would you just look up? 
Would you just look up or does the sun hurt your eyes? 

Chorus 3: 
Please don’t look at all the things that I’ve done wrong
because I’ve done so much wrong
and I just want to be remembered for giving,
for giving oh yeah. 

Chorus 4: 
Please don’t look at all of me, please don’t look at all of me
because I don’t think that I would measure up 
and I just want to be remembered, for giving, 
for giving away my shoes.
Track Name: Ruth
I know I’ve got a lot to live for.
I’m quite young and beautiful.
I know you think that this is hard on me, but you’re wrong.

I’d give it all up just to make things right again.
I’m gonna make things right again.

So let’s go away to Bethlehem. (Let's go away to Bethlehem)
Let’s get out of this town (Let's get the heck out of town)
‘Cause heck, with all of these bad memories,
a person could dang well drown.

I know what you need - some fresh wheat bread to knead,
and you know where I’ll be - in the field to glean.


And it’s not hard to let go
for what you know.
And it’s not hard to let go
when you see the light.
Track Name: Eating Stars
Can you smell the stars?
They taste like candy bars. 
And I am catching them in my mouth 
and they feel like stars. 

And can you read the planets
and what they have to say?
Would you fear them 
and the tricks that they play? 

And we don’t have much time.
We don’t have much time.  

We don’t have time to follow all these rules.
Our parents, politicians, and leaders, 
they can’t save us now. No one can save us
as we watch the stars fall to the ground. 
Look, into my eyes and see the last thing
that you’ll see while you’re alive. 
Do you know what it is? 
Do you know what it is?  

And will you plead with the moon, please, 
to come back soon and leave a trail for us to follow.
Oh oh and, we are running, we are running, we are running, we are  running, we are running. 

And we don’t have much time.
We don’t have much time.  


And I just want to say it straight.
I’ve loved you from that day that you lassoed the moon.
You said, I love you
then you kissed me on the cheek. 
And we don’t have to play pretend 
like everyone we grew up with did
because love isn’t a piece of paper.
It’s a home. 


And we don’t have much time
so can you just be mine? 
Can you just be mine?
Track Name: Sunflowers
Sunflowers, growing wild. 
They extend for miles.
They seem to have no end.
And when the sun shines, the sunflowers take it in, 
and they burn, but they don’t die 
‘cause they were born to shine. 
They embrace the light.  

Step slowly and whisper oh so faintly, 
as to not disrupt the wild in their blood,  my only hope is the sunflowers, will rub off on me.