More Music for Humans

by Sidecar Judy

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Our second release contains acoustic versions of three songs from our debut, a remix/reinterpretation of the song 'Sandy,' and six new songs. You get to hear us at our folkiest, the acoustic songs as we would play them IF YOU INVITED US INTO YOUR OWN HOME, and our most rockin' in the song 'Army Men.' You WILL love it.

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released July 1, 2016

Cammi Folwell - vocals, acoustic guitar, tambourine, claps and snaps
Randin Graves - backing vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, melodica, claps and snaps, percussion and drum programming

with the Sidecar Singers: Judy Morgan, Bryson Cook, Sahna Foley, Camden Argyle, Jack Diamond, Chase Weston and Andrea Weston on track 10.

Recorded by Randin Graves. Mastered by Paul Abbott at ZenMastering. Judy logo by Rebecca Cohen. Illustrations by Karinna Bunn. Bike photo by L.J. Filion, thanks to Legends Motorcycles. Acoustic duo photo by Beverly Toth. Other photos courtesy of our beautiful human friends.

©2016 Sidecar Judy. All lyrics by Folwell, music by Folwell and Graves.



all rights reserved


Sidecar Judy Salt Lake City, Utah

Indie Electro Folk Rock act Sidecar Judy was founded in 2015 in Salt Lake City by singer-songwriter Cammi Folwell and composer Randin Graves to bend genres and stir your emotions with unusual musical arrangements and honest songwriting. Their albums 'Music for Humans' and 'More Music for Humans' are out now. And you know what? You're gonna love'em. ... more

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Track Name: Old Gold
The sound of snow falling woke me up
all the white - it was, beautiful
and my heart it hurt real bad last night
but I guess it just comes with the territory

Chorus 1
Cuz i knew that gold would lose its shine
and my mom was probably
worried sick cuz I wasn't home on time
I've got to fix this yeah, I've got to make this right

So I walked into town and window shopped
leaving my own footprints on the ground
and they led me to the church
where I got down and prayed

Chorus 2
Oh Lord I know that gold will lose its shine
and please bless my mom that
she won't worry tonight
but I've got to fix this yeah, I've got to make this right

Chorus 1
Track Name: Corporate Robot (Acoustic)
It’s the slowest walk to work today
because I don’t want to go to work today.
No I don’t, I don’t
want to go to work today.

I don’t want to be a corporate robot
just following commands.
Wanna throw away all my money
and go lay in the sand.

See me sitting at a desk
see me staring at a screen
I’ll be the first to confess that
I don’t like this very much
to close my eyes is my only disguise
from this place
Is it overdramatic?


So I sit with my head on the table,
just waiting for this slow clock to go.
And will I come back tomorrow?
Probably so.
Track Name: Easier (Acoustic)
I don’t care what I do today.
No, I don’t care if I ever get paid.
And I just can’t stand the way they look at me.
what do they see?

Would you see me I were just like you?
Apparently we’re both breathing in toxic fumes.
And I don’t want anything to do with hurting you.

Why isn’t this easier?
Because I am stronger.
I am more forgiving, a lot more loving,
and I, I don’t want my doubts
to come back to me,
don’t come back to me.

Somehow, I’ll find a way to erase all my memories.
Yeah they’ll be casualties along the way to wherever I’m going.


Eventually, I’ll just get lost.
I’ll be far to tired of running on empty.
I wasn’t made for all of this.
No, I don’t think I was made for this.


I’m not going to give up, on myself.
I’m not going to let you down.
Track Name: Slow Down (Acoustic)
My fingers have been playing for so long.
Ever since, things went wrong.
And this is the only way I know how to cope
‘cause tired fingers are better then thinking about lost hope.

‘Cause you made me slow down
and the notes are so much simpler when you’re around
and how can I possibly write anymore
when I don’t have anybody to write for?

Roses still smell sweet and my head is still spinning
but I can feel something missing.


And if you ever come looking for me, you know where I’ll be.

Track Name: The Ground is Hard
He was working on the roof.
I yelled up, "hey, how are you?"
He said, "fine, but lately I've been doin' a lot of looking down."

I said, "well, why don't you just come down,
the grass is greener when your feet are on the ground.
The sun may be brighter, but there's no shade around."

He said, "well, I don't tell too many people this,
but I stay up here because the ground is hard.
Life up here is so much easier on my heart."

I said, "well, it's not as bad as you think.
Things have changed, people get up when they fall.
I did, and nobody was around."
I looked up. He started climbing down.
Track Name: All I Know
When you're not here, I can see clear, when you're gone, away.
When you're supposed to be here with me in your arms, to stay.
I don't know what I was thinking letting you go.
I don't know what I was thinking, but now I know that

If I want to be free, I need you here with me and
isn't it funny how life goes?
That your love was somethin' I never knew but now it's all I know.

It's kind of hard to explain, but it's not something that I just made up, the love has been here for years, just waiting, waiting for someone to wake it up.
Butterflies and, the sun risin', always forgiving, and compromisin' yeah. There are bad days and there are sad days, but the good ones will outweigh oh


So I'll be here when you come home, I'm not afraid anymore
of the unknown, because in time I know it will work out, and that's all I ever hear the songbirds singin', yeah they are singin' how

Track Name: Sandy (On the Moon Mix)
Sandy likes to go for car rides with her friends.
She’s so bright, she always gives in.
And we all wanna be her friend
because she’s been where we’ve been.

There’s a safe air floating over her head.
Protecting her ears, they’re just sensitive.
Well then ours are, too,
cause we wanna be like you, Sandy.

You’re not Sandy at all
you’re immovable
no you’re not going anywhere.

Can I just see black and white? Can I just see black and white?
Why do thoughts keep flooding my brain?
Can I just see black and white? Can I just see black and white?
Why do thoughts keep flooding my brain?
Oh Sandy, teach me, how to be, close-minded.
Oh Sandy, teach me, how to shut an idea down at the start.
Because my heart keeps tugging me away from what you’re telling me.
I don’t understand, I thought that you loved me.

There’s a quiet voice inside my head
that keeps me from closing my ears until I’m dead.

And I can see the stars! Yeah, I can see colors!
I see the moon, from outside of these covers!
Oh Sandy can you teach me how not to feel
because that’s just what you’re asking me to do.
Track Name: Crazy Town
How do I feel? How do I feel, you ask?
Well shouldn't you already know the answer to that?
I'm not crazy. I just can't seem to get my thoughts in order
oh and you can't make me feel better.

I'm all alone in my head
I try to stop my thoughts dead but they just won't slow down. Constantly watching my back oh please,
Give me a chance, oh it's just my head.

So what if I am? What if I'm not right in the head?
I can still do good things.
I don't want your pills. I don't want to be medicated from myself.
I like myself the way I am.


Surrounding me with people that I don't know
that you say are just like me.
You mean crazy just like me? Well how do you think...
How do you think, that makes me feel?

Well I'll tell you that it scares me.
If you really knew me you would know, that isn't true.
But there's no one in this world that will ever understand.
Nw one will ever understand that..

Chorus 2
I'm suffocating for someone to hear me. Can you hear me?
Track Name: Army Men
So far, I've learned that I can't dwell on what I want.
And now, you hate me because I broke your heart.
Well, how long did you want me to love you while I wasn't feeling whole?
Well, that doesn't seem like a very fair deal to me at all. Oh...

So you're gonna get drunk and you said it's my fault.
Well maybe it is.
I guess I left those army men dead on your floor to rot,
but I don't think you get that I am hurting too, ooh that I am hurting too ooh.

Well, I'm not the girl to love on a lie, and now I know that.
And I would if I could kiss you one more time, but no, I can't do that.


So you can forgive me if you want or not, or not.

But maybe you'll think of me, when you lay out, in the sun.
No, I don't think that love that's been felt will ever be gone.

Track Name: We're Gonna Be On Top
I like to sleep in my car.
It's the leader in comfortability, but my car can't go too far 'cus it's got now faith or gasoline.
But when you squint just right, it feels like you're in a PT Cruiser.
Now there's a leader in Comfortability.

Don't you think that we are making it?
Don't you think that we're gonna be on top?

When I'm not in my car, sometimes I go to the local bar
and grab some delicious peanu-u-uts. Yeah, they're free.


I feel so good. I feel so happy. I fe-e-e-e-el alright.

Chorus ×2